The Board of Directors for COLLECTIVE INKD Magazine consists of visionary leaders who collectively bring a wealth of expertise to the publication. Led by Editor in Chief Chrystofer Benson, a highly decorated stylist, creative director, and photographer, the board includes Visual Art Director Hannah Leigh, renowned for translating artistic visions into reality through various mediums. Photography Director John Rawson, a globally recognized photographer with a hairdressing background, contributes his keen eye to the team. Make-Up Director Danielle Donahue, a seasoned makeup artist known for her creative and artistic approach, completes this dynamic group. Together, they guide the magazine's creative direction and contribute to its innovative and inspiring content.


Chrystofer Benson

Chrystofer Benson is a highly decorated stylist, creative director, and photographer, who has made a significant impact on the global
beauty industry. With numerous global awards to his name, he is highly respected for his exceptional creative vision, communication skills, and technical talent, which set him apart as an industry leader. As the founder of CBC - Chrystofer Benson Collective Productions, he has been educating, inspiring, and producing shows internationally, cementing his reputation as atop-tier creative force.

Chrystofer has over 100+ global awards under his belt, he is an avid competitor who continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions. His unstoppable creative energy and determination to leave a lasting legacy drive him to break down barriers and redefine what is possible in the world of beauty. Chrystofer Benson's contributions have helped create space for others to succeed in many areas of the beauty industry. Benson remains a leading figure in the field, inspiring and motivating beauty professionals worldwide to achieve their own goals.  Benson finds home in Southern Utah where we he loves UTV Riding, Camping, and adventuring.

Visual Art Director

Hannah Leigh

From her time behind the chair, to
her years behind the camera Hannah has always sought to take extraordinary artistic visions and manifest them into reality. Her work has been published both nationally and internationally and she has led production teams across the
globe. Collaborating with amazing artists all over the world, Hannah has had the opportunity to bring creative visions to life on stage, on film, in print, and beyond. Drawing from her extensive experience collaborating with brands across a diverse range of industries, Hannah has developed a keen ability to guide an overall creative vision. When not on the Adventure road she resides in Utah where she loves to make a mess with all whatever creative materials she can get her hands on.

Photography Director

John Rawson

John Rawson is a world renowned
photographer with a background in hairdressing. He started taking pictures in the mid-90s after having a successful 15-year career in hairdressing. He became an Art Director at the age of 20, heading the team that worked worldwide teaching and presenting shows for Alan International and Wella. His passion for creating images led him to photography, which became the only route for him once he decided to move out of hairdressing. Rawson has been featured on over 400 covers worldwide. Rawson works closely with his clients to understand their needs and vision, using his extensive knowledge of hairdressing to bring their ideas to life. When not traveling John resides in England.

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Make-Up Director

Danielle Donahue

Danielle Donahue is a highly experienced professional makeup artist, specializing in makeup design for films, TV, photo shoots, and runway shows. With a background in painting and visual arts, she believes that makeup artistry is an opportunity to create looks that are not only beautiful but also artistic. She has contributed to numerous award-winning collections worldwide as part of the Chrystofer Benson Collective. When not traveling for work, she resides in Utah, where she loves to explore and find adventure through wake surfing, snowboarding, off-roading, and even diving with sharks in the ocean.


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