COLLECTIVE INKD Revels in the Artistry of Aveda Congress 2023

The Aveda Congress 2023 was a harmonious tapestry of creativity, style, and innovation. As attendees, the COLLECTIVE INKD team experienced an array of unforgettable moments that not only showcased the pinnacle of beauty and artistry but also set the course for future trends and collaborations.

Amidst a backdrop of hoverboard-riding models, ethereal orchestras, and a pulsating vibe of sustainability, several presentations stood out, drawing us into their narrative and leaving us spellbound.

Masa Honda, with his signature touch of innovation, presented a distinct vision that was both a departure from and a complement to his "SEE COLOR IN A NEW LIGHT" collection, which was featured in our latest edition of COLLECTIVE INKD. The depth and intricacy of his work were a testament to his unparalleled artistry.

Photo by Chelsie Lopez

Photo by Chelsie Lopez

The Aveda Texture Team's "Born of Water" presentation, under the guidance of Renée Gadar, was nothing short of poetry in motion. It wasn’t just about the aesthetics but a deep dive into the stories of identity, resilience, and the essence of the human spirit. Gadar's heartrending vulnerability, integrated seamlessly into the presentation, created an emotional resonance, bringing many to tears with its raw authenticity.

However, one of the most anticipated and enthralling segments of the Congress was presented by Antoinette Beenders, Aveda's Senior Vice President of Professional Global Artistry. In her presentation, she unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration between Aveda and the avant-garde fashion visionary, Iris van Herpen. This melding of minds was a celebration of the synergy between fashion and hair artistry, merging van Herpen's otherworldly designs with Aveda's commitment to holistic beauty. The fusion of intricate hairstyles, harmoniously intertwined with van Herpen's ethereal fashion creations, was a visual feast, exemplifying the limitless possibilities of collaborative artistry.

Antoinette's "A.P.O.H" came alive on stage, resonating with her signature style and vision, further solidifying her place as an icon in the industry.

With such rich experiences, the COLLECTIVE INKD team is eager to share a comprehensive exploration of our time at Aveda Congress 2023. From groundbreaking trends to soul-stirring presentations, we aim to delve deep into every facet of this spectacular event.

Until our detailed recounting, we are left with a sentiment that resonates profoundly within COLLECTIVE INKD: Beauty, when crafted with intention, collaboration, and artistry, transcends boundaries, becoming an evocative force that inspires and transforms.