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Inaugural INKD Awards: Honoring Beauty Industry Excellence

Orlando, Florida – A spectacular event that set the beauty industry abuzz recently unfolded in Orlando, Florida. On June 4th, during the launch event for COLLECTIVE INKD Magazine, the highly anticipated inaugural INKD Awards took place. Produced by CBC - Chrystofer Benson Collective Productions, this exceptional event celebrated exceptional achievements within the beauty realm.

A New Twist on Recognition:

Breaking away from traditional award ceremonies, where nominees and winners are selected through nominations or voting, the INKD Awards adopted an innovative approach. A distinguished panel of seasoned beauty industry experts, including the Board of Directors for COLLECTIVE INKD Magazine, meticulously curated the list of deserving award recipients. This ensured that the winners truly embodied excellence, innovation, and impact in the beauty sector.

Creative Capture Award

Richard Linchetta


The Creative Capture Award celebrating exceptional individuals with an unmatched talent for capturing stunning visuals, creating captivating content, and showcasing the beauty of artists' work. Through their visionary perspective and technical skill, they bring artistic expressions to life, bridging the gap between artists and audiences. Through their creativity, they amplify artists' voices, behind the lens to capture the essence of their creations, inspiring us all.

Innovation Award

Dennis Joseph


The Innovation Award honors companies and or Individuals within the beauty industry that continuously redefine the art of creation. This award celebrates the visionaries who constantly push to innovate, providing artists with groundbreaking tools and empowering them to unleash their creative potential, push boundaries, explore new techniques, and elevate their artistry. Join us in honoring their commitment to empowering artists and reshaping the future of barber and beauty industry.

Leadership Award

Brittany Hickman


The Leadership Award is a heartfelt tribute that shines a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the beauty industry—the exceptional team leaders who often work behind the scenes, empowering their team members and setting them up for success. This distinguished accolade ecognizes their invaluable contributions and unwavering dedication to uplifting others, despite often going unrecognized. These selfless leaders go above and beyond, they serve as mentors, motivators, and advocates, empowering each team member to unlock their full potential and achieve greatness, while leaving their impact on their team and the entire beauty industry.

Brand Disruption Award



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The Brand Disruption Award honors
individuals and or brands that fearlessly challenge the norms of the beauty industry, those who embrace their own distinctiveness, disrupt conventions, and inspire transformative change. By defying expectations and shaking up
traditional approaches, these disruptors ignite a different powerful movement that empowers artists to break free from conventional boundaries, and explore new horizons.

Technology Award



The Technology award celebrates brands that leverage cutting-edge technology to advance the beauty industry. This prestigious accolade recognizes their commitment to innovation, empowering beauty professionals, and fostering
collaboration within the industry. These exceptional brands understand the vital role beauty professionals play in the salon industry and prioritize their success. Additionally, they actively engage with the industry, collaborating with professionals and organizations to address unique challenges and provide resources for growth.

Trailblazer Award

Meg Gilbert


The Trailblazer Award celebrates individuals in the beauty industry who demonstrate exceptional talent, infectious energy, and unwavering dedication. We recognize their remarkable ability to pioneer new trends, positively impact others, and embody the true essence of a trailblazer. They leave a lasting impact on everyone they encounter with a vibrant energy and positive influence on the industry. They uplift and empower others, fostering an environment of learning and collaboration and this award recognizes their potential for even greater achievements in the future.

Icon Leadership Award

Sam Villa


The Icon Leadership Award honors individuals who have made an indelible impact on the beauty industry through their exceptional
leadership, unwavering dedication to education, inspiration, and our industry. This award recognizes those iconic figures who have not only achieved remarkable success but also selflessly given back to the industry in countless ways. They serve as beacons of inspiration, guiding artists, leading professionals towards excellence, by sharing their knowledge, imparting valuable skills, and nurturing the next generation of talent. Lastly, their commitment to giving back to the community and supporting many charitable initiatives showcases their compassion and desire to create positive change, as they exemplify the true spirit of this award.